A year without Bowie

One year.  One year since we heard the news.  One year and 3 days since he released Blackstar.  One whole year without Bowie.

I loved Bowie, but would never profess to being knowledgeable about his entire career.  I fell in love with Bowie when at High school when he released Absolute Beginners.  I felt conflicted that he was this gorgeous man who I wanted to fangirl over but he was also the same age as my mum.  It was confusing.  Then he released Dancing in the streets, and the obsession shattered.

Sorry, but the pastel suits and miming with Jagger were too much for me.

But by then I was hooked into his back catalogue.  Partially culled from my mum’s record collection.  As I grew older and developed my musical interests, my new music heroes worshipped him too. Nirvana doing Man who sold the world was perfect.  Bowie and Cobain.  At that point my Alpha and Omega.

When Cobain died I cried.  I remember walking to my evening college course, listening on my Walkman and sobbing.  This was the first of my heroes to have died, and it hurt, so much.

When we heard the news about Bowie I weeped.  Not the sobs and snot of Kurdt’s passing, which was a life cut short and a tragedy, but the tears of pure sadness that a true adventurer had left us.  Leaving us to find our own way without him.

Over the past weekend I have listened continually to 6music’s  Bowie weekend.  They have had some amazing interviews and have played so many wonderful and obscure tracks.  It has been so bittersweet.

Then I saw a link to a post by Iman, his wife of twenty years, and the mother of his teenage daughter.  However hard it is for us, let’s remember that there’s a 16 year old girl who is missing her dad desperately, and a woman missing the love of her life.  God, my heart breaks for them.

Bowie is a genius.  His creativity and support for new artists, the way he embraced new styles and created himself anew were the blueprint for many others.

Without Bowie’s music the world would be a much darker place. Without Bowie we need to burn brightly on his behalf.

Let all us Kooks light up the world, so the Starman can see.


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